Now that I’m not traveling as much, this awful northern winter is really getting to me. I’m finding myself looking back at photos from the beach and happily thinking of warm weather. I actually do have quite an archive of surfing photography that I should share one day. Here are a few images that I recently ran across. They were all taken near the Cocoa Beach Pier using my 100-400 Canon

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naperville jaycees mardi gras 2015 ad

    I had the pleasure of working with the Naperville Jaycees recently on the design and marketing for their Mardi Gras fundraiser event. This year, I decided to play up the glamour of their new location and went with a rich color scheme of purples and gold. To make the text seem dimensional like gold foil (but without the cost!) I used a gradient gold background for the lettering. I also created Facebook images to

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Catherine and I worked on photographs for Zurich Insurance to accompany an article for Fortune Magazine. Zurich is working on a new building for their corporate offices. The article talks about how they are moving away from traditional desks and cubicles, and instead are designing different types of areas suited to how their employees function best. There will be places for people that like to work standing up, spots for people that like to work

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customized flash drive image

DVD drives are on their way out, look no further than the latest iMac to see that. How then, do you transfer gigabytes of data to a client? Cloud storage might be able to handle it to an extent, and there are certainly services such as dropbox and google drive that work for smaller projects, but for huge files and less-than-speedy internet connections, it's not always the best solution. Flash drives are still one of

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school child in vietnam image

I’m sure there must be some grumpy people somewhere in Vietnam, but I certainly didn’t run into any of them. While photographing at a school there I was literally mobbed by hoards of happy kids. They all kept jumping in front of the camera. It wasn’t quite what I expected going into it, but it was certainly

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