Works- v5 The latest copies of our promotional magazine have arrived from the printer and are ready to go out the door. The Works is always a fun thing to put together. Even in this age of Instagram and endless digital files, it’s exciting to produce a nice printed piece that people can actually hold in their hands. This issue of The Works has some documentary farm photography from North & South Carolina. Plus there

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We run into so many different types of people, doing jobs that we didn’t even know existed before we started working on a particular project. And occasionally we meet a group that really seem to enjoy what they do, like the crew we photographed at the engineering firm Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates.

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model in grass wearing sunglasses and bright pink lipstick

So I dumped a box of cornstarch in a kiddie pool a few weeks ago... Ideas are funny things. Sometimes people will see an image we took and ask us "how did you think of that?" This shoot started with a pair of sunglasses. When I saw those glorious turquoise frames staring at me from a little antique shop shelf in Chicago, I decided they were coming with me. Then I had to figure out

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