I was invited to speak to the Chicagoland chapter of the North American Nature Photography Association a few weeks ago. I did a presentation at ProCam in Aurora on the adventurous life of being a farm and agriculture photographer. I shared some of the challenges...

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Hannah is a dancer. We’ve worked with her mother, Christine, on numerous photoshoot over the years. Christine is a talented makeup artist and former model. During our downtime and on breaks she would tell us about her daughter the ballerina...

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This massive farm project is finally coming to an end. I had a great time, and met so many interesting people. The farm families were all very open and kind. I should have started a blog on all the amazing meals I’ve eaten in the tiny little towns from Arkansas to the Dakotas. I still have quite a bit of editing to do. My Canon cameras (especially the 5D MarkIII) have gotten quite a workout,

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Jeffrey is about one third of his way through a lengthy and logistically complicated farm assignment for one of our clients. He has been taking rental cars and small planes across America, seeing seven states so far. There have been soy beans in his shoes, mud on his pants...

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naperville teen model

Summertime doesn’t just mean warm weather and longer days. It means we can get outside and enjoy some fun photography fun too! This is Mikayla, a local Naperville girl that did a great job modeling a few pieces of vintage clothing and props from Catherine’s collection. We’re lining up a few more photoshoots over the next few weeks with different people. Stay

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Award winning Chicago photographer Jeffrey Ross

It’s not often that I get a chance to be “distinguished” in any way. But on May 3rd I was honored by the College of DuPage Photography Program with their Distinguished Alumnus Award. I am thrilled that they though of me, especially considering how many other great photographers have gone through the program. This annual photography showcase has turned into a popular event- the room was completely packed. I spoke for a few minutes about

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portrait of doctor wearing scrubs

Community First Medical Center in Chicago is a newly rebranded hospital that was in desperate need of improving their online presence. Read more about how we worked with Culloton Strategies to create a brand new website for this special community hospital.

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photography self promo box

This is a promotional year-end item we put together recently. Using Jeffrey’s international travels as inspiration, Catherine created recipe cards. On one side are photos from some of the more memorable trips, with recipes on the back...

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