Now that I’m not traveling as much, this awful northern winter is really getting to me. I’m finding myself looking back at photos from the beach and happily thinking of warm weather. I actually do have quite an archive of surfing photography that I should share one day. Here are a few images that I recently ran across. They were all taken near the Cocoa Beach Pier using my 100-400 Canon

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school child in vietnam image

I’m sure there must be some grumpy people somewhere in Vietnam, but I certainly didn’t run into any of them. While photographing at a school there I was literally mobbed by hoards of happy kids. They all kept jumping in front of the camera. It wasn’t quite what I expected going into it, but it was certainly

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Along the ocean in the south of England is an area called the Jurassic Coast. It’s a World Heritage site and features about 100 miles of natural beauty. The weather wasn’t perfect during my visit, and I didn’t get to see as much of it as I would have liked. But what I did see was pretty wonderful.     I’m already thinking about a return trip in the Spring, when the weather might be

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In India, as is the case in so many countries, if you want to really be where the action is, you need to get to a local market. The Gandhi Bazaar in Bangalore is a nice open outdoor market along a city street where there are a number of local shops and restaurants. The vendors mainly sell fruits, veggies, and flowers. But there’s always an assortment of other oddball knickknacks that you didn’t know you

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