DVD drives are on their way out, look no further than the latest iMac to see that. How then, do you transfer gigabytes of data to a client? Cloud storage might be able to handle it to an extent, and there are certainly services such as dropbox and google drive that work for smaller projects, but for huge files and less-than-speedy internet connections, it’s not always the best solution. Flash drives are still one of the cheapest and most secure ways to transfer large files. I’ve worked with many distributors over the years to create the perfect personalized flash drive for various businesses. There are many types of drives and printing solutions, depending on your company’s needs. Here are few:

Silkscreening directly on a drive allows for multiple colored logos.

customized flash drive

This drive is engraved with the logo directly on the metal cover. Because it’s engraved, it is only one “color, however, there isn’t a chance of the logo ever getting scratched off.

customized flash drive image

Companies can create drives in any size or shape, including pens, toys, and more. I designed this drive to fit in a wallet. Only the little chip on the end is actually functional. The rest is just the holder with the company message. Obviously, there’s lots of room for company branding on this version.

customized flash drive image

Although there are many options for flash drives, remember that logos should ideally be .eps, .tiff, or .pdf files for printing. These will will print more clearly than .jpg files. Also, try printing out your logo first on paper at the size it will be on the drive – you want to make sure that you (and your clients!) will be able to read the text when your logo is a half inch or smaller. Finally, keep in mind “write speeds” if you will regularly be transferring large amounts of data. Some flash drives are faster than others and that can make a 10 minute difference in transfer time, depending on how big the file is.


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