With a newly emptied nest at our house and a rapidly growing business, Catherine had a huge need for more office space. The transformation from old kids’ bedroom to office was pretty impressive if we do say so ourselves!

First up: painting and patching!

Catherine went with a very light lilac pink and darker pink wall – and only changed her mind once.

Next, the old carpet needed to be ripped out. 

As we didn’t know what the old tile under the carpet was constructed from, we left it in place.

We found reclaimed hardwood which fit with the rest of the aesthetic of our 1890s house, and Catherine’s brothers came to help get the first third of the flooring started. (Fun fact: her brother Paul is a professional carpenter)

Jeffrey finished the rest of the flooring. (Fun fact: Jeffrey has solid carpentry skills but doesn’t want anyone to know)

The (almost finished) floor!

And finally, the finished office. Design elements include an existing bookshelf repainted in the same colors as the wall, a floor lamp found at an estate sale, and desk drawers that happened to fit under an existing Ikea desk. Catherine absolutely loves her new space and appreciates having room to design and create. Lots of thanks to Jeffrey, Paul, and Ian for a whole lot of hard work.