So I dumped a box of cornstarch in a kiddie pool a few weeks ago…

Ideas are funny things. Sometimes people will see an image we took and ask us “how did you think of that?” This shoot started with a pair of sunglasses. When I saw those glorious turquoise frames staring at me from a little antique shop shelf in Chicago, I decided they were coming with me. Then I had to figure out what I wanted to do with them. I loved the milky color, and thought it would be cool to shoot them with a face in the water. If I could echo the milky effect with water, all the better.

This brings me back to the cornstarch. My very accommodating model Kristen was first photographed in the lovely green grass, with her brown curls cascading around her face:

model laying in grass wearing sunglasses

Then it was time to dunk her in the kiddie pool. I wish I had a picture of just the pool because it was about 4 feet in diameter. In went a box of cornstarch, and the always-adventerous Kristen.

Sometimes, good ideas mean backyards, kiddie pools, and the occasional baking supply.


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