The American Farmer – Agricultural Photography

For over a decade we traveled across the Midwest and Southern US documenting agricultural subjects for a Milwaukee marketing firm. From planting to harvest, we covered all aspects of agricultural photography. We’re grateful to the wonderful people who work the land and welcomed us into their homes.

Sunset on a soybean harvest Two farmers in their truck backlit corn on a farm Corn in Illinois

grain silo

Cotton farmer Cotton plant Farm Crop Duster Farm son holding a piece of grass Cotton Combine in Mississippi Father and son on the farm Farmer and his planter Soybean farmer standing in his field Melons in the kitchen Sunflower field in Illinois Two farmers inspecting the soil

modern windmill

Soybean field in Arkansas two farmers inspect their soybean crop

farm irrigation

Two famers talking in a soybean field Soybean farmer Old barn on a hill Sunrise on rolling hills of soybeans Soybean harvest Farm Corn Combine corn growing in Illinois Farmer driving his harvester Soybean harvest time