We were fortunate to be involved in the Self Employment In The Arts Conference again this year. Jeffrey moderated a couple of different panels on freelancing and entrepreneurship. Catherine talked about marketing and career exploration. And together we spoke about how to price your creative work, which was interesting because we discovered from our fellow panelists that artists get paid in a multitude of different ways. Some work on commission, some don’t start a project until the check is in the bank, while others don’t get paid until months after the project is completed. 

Talking with the other artists, presenters, and college instructors is always fascinating. Across disciplines it’s amazing how many similar issues we all deal with. Plus I think we all agree that when new and upcoming artists are educated on how to actually run a business, it is better for everyone. It’s not always the first thing on the mind of a young artist, and it may not be the most exciting part of being a working creative. But knowing how to promote, market, and handle the invoices and billing can really be the key to success.

We chatted with folks from Iowa, St Louis, Milwaukee, and a couple colleges in rural Illinois. I know we’ll be keeping in touch with a bunch of people as we move into these warmer months. 

Overall, it was a wonderful couple of days. We sponsored one student from College of DuPage this year. She already sent us an email saying, “There was so much great content at SEA, my head is full!” I think that’s a good way to put it. We hope to see you all next year too!

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  • Joanne Barsanti

    On the other side of the table, I had a blast. So much great content, practice sessions, down-to-earth presenters, and getting to meet the other attendees. I have some new friends, and lots of input to take my career to the next level. Oh yeah – the food was great too!


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