sunset on lake michigan

Catherine here – I’ve been thinking now that school is starting up again, I’m reminded that I’m a solid 10 (!) years out of college. Do you have anything that has stuck with you from your college days that you still find to be useful? I have a few, but I think my favorite is to remember to keep in mind the quality of the entire project, don’t get distracted by bits and pieces. At the time, the advice applied to an art class, and to do your shading and details across the entire picture, not just concentrating on one area and forgetting the rest. That resonated with me, and it makes me think about the total scope of the project when I’m doing design work.

My other favorite is to “look behind the sunset”. This particular advice was literal, and applied to a photography class. Our instructor noted that while some sunsets are pretty, don’t forget to look behind you. There may be something equally spectacular going on. I’ve thought about this in a variety of situations, sometimes to look at the reactions of people instead of the “thing” that everyone else is looking at. You might just find something interesting in the details.

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