When the Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) came looking for a brand identity for their new Agribusiness Management Program (AMP), we knew just where to start. With strong brand identity and suite of existing programs under its umbrella, ISA needed a logo for AMP that would tie in with the established feel of the brand, while carving out its own unique space as a resource for busy farm families and agribusiness professionals. The colors and font

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business card design example

A few months ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer with the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) as a mentor graphic designer. This program takes students through the process of starting and running real businesses over the course of a full academic year.

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hint: the story is about the papyrus typeface

When I was walking in downtown Lake Forest IL the other day, I saw this sign and had to walk over to the business to figure out what they sold. Just glancing at the sign, you might think North Woods Candy and Pinecone Emporium. Or Cutsey Girly Things Sold Here. You would, however, be wrong. They are an audio and video store. Now, I'm sure they sell lovely audio and video products, but they make the perfect example

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