We were fortunate to be involved in the Self Employment In The Arts Conference again this year. Jeffrey moderated a couple of different panels on freelancing and entrepreneurship. Catherine talked about marketing and career exploration. And together we spoke about how to price your creative work, which was interesting because we discovered from our fellow panelists that artists get paid in a multitude of different ways. Some work on commission, some don’t start a project

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With a newly emptied nest at our house and a rapidly growing business, Catherine had a huge need for more office space. The transformation from old kids' bedroom to office was pretty impressive if we do say so ourselves! Read more...

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I was invited to speak to the Chicagoland chapter of the North American Nature Photography Association a few weeks ago. I did a presentation at ProCam in Aurora on the adventurous life of being a farm and agriculture photographer. I shared some of the challenges...

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Hannah is a dancer. We’ve worked with her mother, Christine, on numerous photoshoot over the years. Christine is a talented makeup artist and former model. During our downtime and on breaks she would tell us about her daughter the ballerina...


Photoshop has turned into a dirty word in the modeling world with designers handing out tummy tucks neck slimming treatments like plastic surgeons. However. I look at the program as a way to enhance someone, not change who they are. In this example, I’ll show you how I lighten a model’s eyes to make them pop a bit more. We start with a completely un-retouched image: Select the Quick Selection Tool (keyboard shortcut W) and

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