The life changing magic of tidying up a website

When the Illinois Soybean Association came to us looking for a website redesign, we immediately started thinking hard about space. Space is infinite on a website, right? Problem was, their site had grown organically for a number of years and was cluttered with outdated information, unclear or broken links, and information that wasn’t grouped properly. So we Marie Kondo’d the website. Check out the life changing magic of tidying up:

ISA has robust communication channels including news releases, a magazine, a podcast, and more. We organized all of those channels into a Newsroom section, with a main page that houses the most recent magazine issue, podcast, blog posts, and more.

Some pages required specialized information, such as the Biodiesel B20 Club. We worked with the ISA communications team to develop a map with hover features for the desktop view, which reverted to a directory-only view for mobile.

A good calendar is essential to a membership organization like ISA. Their event calendar allows for individual URLs for each event, making it easy to link to event pages from paid media advertising, as well as social media.

Clocking in at 142 pages, this is one of the bigger sites we’ve tackled. But with a streamlined menu and room to grow, ISA should be able to continue to find enough space in their website for years to come. Interested in learning more about ISA? Visit their site at