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Problem solvers. Story tellers. Brand builders. Our team brings a wealth of experience and expertise to your project’s needs. We’re here to look at your business problems in new ways to come up with the best creative communication for your business. We create more than just new collateral for you — we make sure you have a cohesive, unified brand strategy. Have a project you’ve been thinking about? Drop us a note!

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Meet Our Team

Catherine Ross

Catherine is an award-winning leader in the world of art direction and design. Last year one of the largest commerce organizations in Illinois honored her as one of the Four Under Forty business leaders, recognizing her professional talents and involvement in the community. She has been a mentor and advisor to many young female designers, offering advice from her experience running a woman-owned business. Currently, she serves as co-chair of the Naperville Young Professionals Network. On random afternoons she can be found working in her garden or trying out a new recipe.

Jeffrey Ross

Jeffrey is an experienced commercial photographer traveling the world extensively for various projects and assignments. Whether he’s working for a corporate client, a non-profit, or a personal narrative project, getting to the heart of the story is always his goal. He often speaks to college students and freelancers who are starting out in the creative arts fields, helping them make their passion a reality. Jeffrey is also on the board of the Self Employment in the Arts organization. He’s proud of his eclectic record collection, and crazy assortment of vintage magazines from around the world.

Cecilia Feliciano

Cecilia is a Latina multi-disciplinary designer based in Chicago, with a B.F.A in Visual Communications from Northern Illinois University. She believes that designs should not only be visually appealing but also functional. Meanwhile, her experiences span from B2B, publishing, subscription, technology, and graphic design for corporate industries. She is a curious, passionate, and enthusiastic problem-solver. She can usually be found playing catch with her dog, Ramsey, or trying out the newest video game on those colder Chicago days.

Dee Weeda

With 30 years of experience in marketing and communications, Dee Weeda is a seasoned, professional problem solver. Through sound strategic thinking and a solid understanding of varying communications methods, Dee identifies and implements solutions to reach the desired goal.

Though Dee specializes in public relations, media relations and content creation, she is well rounded with experience in all aspects of strategic marketing communications from brand positioning to content and event marketing. Dee is an especially accomplished writer and content editor, with experience explaining complex scientific topics in layman’s terms.

Marlee Silberman

Marlee is a Chicago native freelance web developer. E-commerce sites are Marlee’s specialty and she recently launched an e-commerce website with highly increasing sales each year and continues to manage it. But, freelancing is only half her job. The other half entails running her own business. For Marlee, building a business has been her pride and joy. Day-to-day operations involve searching for new clients, consulting, following up, organizing, building a professional network and investing her time in very meaningful ways.


Clementine supervises all daily activity and has particularly excellent attention to detail when it comes to finding kibble hiding in corners.

She can be found napping on Jeffrey’s lap most afternoons while he’s working on his laptop, although she will take breaks for keeping stray socks in line and organizing her squeaky toys. She approves of peanut butter and disapproves of the vacuum and baths.