Digging into the crop report!

Everyone can get the weather anytime, right? There are plenty of apps for that, but what about weed pressure in Ford County? Or a pest infestation in Clay County? And by the way, could you make that searchable from past years for historical data?

The ISA Agronomy team was running into the issue that there wasn’t consistent, historical data across the state of Illinois during the growing season. They had a vision for a crop report to cover the entire state, and they had the network to make it happen. We just needed to build a place to put it!

Breaking down the data

We first worked with the agronomy team to identify how to best display the data and criteria that was given to us. We started by breaking down Illinois into 6 regions to make it more friendly for people who actually lived in the area. We then broke down the report into sections that were easily digestible and relevant in helping farmers manage their fields and maximize their operations.

An archive can be essential when it comes to providing historical data for people to reference, so we built a database of past reports that was easily searchable. By analyzing historical data, researchers and farmers can identify trends, patterns, and cycles that inform decision-making in fields and provide valuable insights.

With more than 180 crop report entries from this growing season alone, this tool will be invaluable to farmers, researchers, and industry professionals. We cannot wait to see what next growing season brings.

Interested in digging through historical data from past growing seasons? Visit the Crop Report at ILSoyAdvisor.com/crop-report.