Naper Settlement Field Watchers

There are very few opportunities for kids in the suburban areas of Illinois to experience agriculture, and even less opportunities to learn about ag through the lens of STEM education. Field Watchers was created by Naper Settlement to fill that educational void. This program teaches about the history of agriculture and the importance of emerging technologies in the agriculture industry.

We worked hand-in-hand with Naper Settlement to develop the Field Watchers logo and branding. The logo and brand had to appeal to a third grade audience, as well as showcase the tech and ag focus of the program. We paired bright, but still natural colors with subtle textures to give flexibility to the brand as Naper Settlement staff built out worksheets and other handouts.

The students are welcomed by a video from their Field Partner Farmer to learn about the family farm. There is also a live feed from the farm that the students can look to and see how a field changes throughout the growing season. Their Field Partner supplies soil from their farm for the students to test, so not only are they seeing the farm and what is growing, but they are also testing the actual soil from that location. In designing the video assets, we wanted to make it fun and approachable for our third grade audience, and also use the graphics as visual guides to some of the content the farmer was talking about.

The goal of the Field Watchers program is to connect students to farmers in Illinois while providing inquiry-based learning and experimentation in agronomy. Students will gain a deep understanding of the components of soil and plant health and connect to Illinois’ agricultural industry while learning about careers in agriculture.

Thank you to Naper Settlement for your forward thinking approach to careers in agriculture, and thank you to the Illinois Soybean Association for funding the student field trips!