Research Hub: Easing the Search for Soy Research

Researchers across Illinois are “digging into” new and better ways to grow soybeans, battle pesky crop-robbing pests, and further conservation efforts and sustainable farming. It’s pretty cool – “groundbreaking” info but the team at Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) and ILSoyAdvisor needed a better way to get this valuable and non-biased information in the hands of Illinois farmers so they can grow more soybeans.

So we created the new Research Hub on to house easily-accessible information about ISA checkoff-funded research projects.

We categorized projects into three buckets the users can explore: Conservation Practices, In-Season Agronomy, and Pest Management. Users can also search the Archive for past projects.

We worked with the researchers to develop their own bio pages, including some fun facts! Inquiring researchers can also find information on how to pitch their next project to be funded.

It’s free information that anyone can access, so if you’re looking to learn more about soy, we know just the place!

Have a project on your mind? We’d love to hear about it! Give us a buzz.