A downtown with heart

When Downtown Naperville Alliance came to us looking for a new direction in their marketing, they were ready to rethink what being in Downtown Naperville really meant. Working with Director Danielle Tufano, we decided on a theme that revolves around real people participating in all of the offerings of Downtown Naperville. The first people on both of our lists?…

magazine ad design for downtown naperville

Anita Knotts and her daughter Maya! Anita is founder and CEO of Lotus Women’s Institute and heavily involved in the community, while Maya is starting her college studies. Who better to kick off our series with than this lovely mother daughter duo?

downtown Naperville valentines day advertisement

And what better place to start our series than Allegory Restaurant, locally owned and operated by Chef Chris Mason? They made sure Anita and Maya had plenty of delectable snacks while we were conducting our photoshoot!

downtown Naperville valentines day advertisement

More to come!

This is just the start of an exciting series for Downtown Naperville! Stay tuned for much more to come. In the meantime, enjoy this outtake of Anita and Maya!