What do you get when you combine thoughtful design, relevant topics for farmers, and scalable events that work in locations from a workshop to a field? A winning combination! We’re excited to announce that On Farm Field days was a 1st place winner at Region 4 Best of NAMA Awards.

The events themselves were a true celebration of agriculture, community, and sustainable farming practices. The initial ask of this project from the Illinois Soybean Association was to design and develop a “program in a box” for ILSoyAdvisor’s field days events. They envisioned these pieces to be reused in the future for a “grab and go” event that is fast and easy for the agronomy team to deploy and scalable according to event size and season. This includes Field Talks (the marquee field days events), Shop Talks (fall/winter events held in a shop or shed), and Tailgate Talks (informal smaller talks). 

These events included timely and relevant topics for farmers such as pest outbreak and management; details on ISA-funded research; and demonstrations on various relevant topics. Events were placed strategically across the state so that everyone got a chance to attend regardless of their location. 

The logo development process started with a conversation. The agronomy team wanted these logos to be bold, strong, casual, and approachable. We discussed a retro seed company vibe and appeal to a younger audience. While designing these logos, we started with a set of icons representative of each talk: Field, Shop, and Tailgate. Within the logo, we added a coarse and earthy texture. This invokes a tangible connection to hands-on experiences in the field. 

After the logos were developed, we built out the promotional materials. This included a landing page on ILSoyAdvisor site that housed all the information about the Field Day events, mini ads in the ILSoyAdvisor newsletter, social media ads and video bumpers, display ads, promotional print ads, and radio scripts. Social media played an important part in these events. The promotions plan included paid and organic social to let people know these events existed and were available for anyone to attend.

Overall, the field talk main campaign page was the #1 most viewed page on IlSoyAdvisor.com during the campaign. The events also met all of their attendance goals. 

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