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The Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) advocates for 43,000 farmers. It is a large organization with many sub brands that need to be created and managed, while maintaining consistent design standards for the association as a whole.

It's good to be soy GIF for the Illinois soybean association

The inspiration for the It’s Good to be Soy campaign was to take the complex idea of the various benefits and contributions of soy, and turn that into a very simple and memorable message. The Illini football and basketball sporting events brought a unique opportunity for Illinois Soybean Association to speak directly to the downstate consumer audience. Our goal was to educate consumers about the sheer versatility of soybeans and how the crop brings them direct benefits in everyday products and a greener world.

It's good to be soy poster for Illinois soybean association

The goal was to bring awareness of all the good things soy brings to the state of Illinois, especially from a consumer-focused point of view. People don’t know how versatile soy is; we are educating consumers about something that they may only think as being used in soy sauce or soy milk has many, many applications, and it’s good for everyone. We also incorporated the #soyfromillinois hashtag to continue the conversation by utilizing a QR code, which directs the viewer to a video.

It's good to be soy bus banner for Illinois soybean association
  • Field and Bean magazine
  • Illinois Soybean Association research summary publication design
  • Illinois Soybean Association annual report cover
  • Illinois Soybean Association annual report
  • Illinois Soybean Association annual report

When the Illinois Soybean Association decided to go back to the roots of their original Illinois Field & Bean masthead name, they came to us looking for a cover design. We created a cover that fosters pride in Illinois soybean farming and a feeling of connection to the 43,000 Illinois soybean farmers who receive and read the publication.

Once we established the look and feel of the cover, we were again tapped to continue to build new features into the publication, such as the Illinois Soybean Association Annual Report and special features.

Print ad for Illinois Soybean Association

Print Advertising

We were tasked with creating a series of ads to speak to the industrial uses for soy and to quickly educate the viewer about how soy-based products tend to perform better, have a lower environmental impact, and a similar cost to their petroleum-based counterparts.

We can create banners, posters, and signage of any shape and size. Roll-up banners were the perfect solution for trade show booths, allowing ISA to change out the messaging depending on the year, while keeping their main booth graphics the same.

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