Expanding the voice of a brand

Trade show booth design
Print ads

The Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) advocates for 43,000 farmers. It is a large organization with many sub brands that need to be created and managed, while maintaining consistent design standards for the association as a whole.

The Agribusiness Management Program (AMP) is one of the many sub brands of the ISA. We were tasked with creating a versatile identity for the program that would not look out of place in an academic setting, while still adhering to the ISA brand colors and fonts.

soy from Illinois animated logo

#Soyfromillinois will become the major hashtag for ISA. This hashtag will live in advertising, trade show booth displays, print media, TV, etc. This identity was designed to be versatile as it will reach a broad audience: farmers, industry, food companies, and consumers.

Illinois Soybean Association Beef ad
Illinois Soybean Association Print Ad

Print Advertising

Print advertising for the ISA was designed to expand the “flat lay” look with colors pulled directly from the Illinois Soybean Association vast color palette. The use of illustration here allows us to keep to the ISA brand standards while telling stories that are outside the Association’s typical photography library of soybean fields and farmers.

Trade show booth graphics

Our team has great experience with trade show booth displays. ISA came to us with the unique idea of using a large shipping container as a portable exhibit space that also related to the message of exporting and transporting soybeans.

We can create banners, posters, and signage of any shape and size. Roll-up banners were the perfect solution for trade show booths, allowing ISA to change out the messaging depending on the year, while keeping their main booth graphics the same.

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