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Sym-Agro was looking to expand the audience for their flagship fungicide ProBlad Verde from organic to conventional growers.

The need for the ProBlad Verde campaign was to change the narrative around what makes an organic fungicide effective. The traditional story about organics is that they aren’t as effective as conventional. ProBlad Verde however, had the opportunity to capture conventional market share, as it is a high-performing preventative and curative fungicide that happens to be organic.

Sym-Agro web ad example

Our goal was to work within the already defined opportunity windows for the product and develop a message that resonated with conventional growers without alienating organic growers.

The messaging map

We developed a messaging map supported by three pillars of content: elevating disease management [what the product does], challenging the status quo [how it is different], and maximizing your competitive edge [how it fits within your operation]. Under those pillars, we created the top level messaging used in all campaign materials. This kept communication consistent and on-brand. We also developed a visual library of icons to represent and reinforce that message.

example sell sheet design for Sym-Agro ProBlad agrimarketing campagin
example sell sheet design for Sym-Agro ProBlad agrimarketing campagin

Once the main campaign was developed, we turned our attention to developing tech and sell sheets, as well as templates that were easy for the client to update themselves.

Paid e-blasts were designed to continue to work within an existing template while still complimenting print mailers.

Digital design

We also updated the e-newsletter template to work within the established Sym-Agro ecosystem, but bring in some of the new brand assets from the campaign. This included developing charts and graph templates in PowerPoint that were easy for the client to update and insert into the newsletter themselves.

The goals were to increase awareness and sales of ProBlad Verde, and we achieved both. Comp sales were double-digit positive in 2023 compared to 2022. The campaign drove an increase of 3,418 users and 6,649 views to between January and October 2023, making this the #1 visited page on the website. Additionally, industry partner ProBlad Verde-exclusive email campaigns garnered a 47.6% average open rate and average CTR of 1.2% to the website.

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