how to make your logo print clearly

Remember my previous post about how not to make your logo print fuzzy? Let’s take another look at your poor little fuzzy logo. One of the reasons it might not be printing clearly is because it was saved as a low resolution .jpg or .png file. But do you really understand what these file types mean? It’s important that you know not to send a jpg when your graphic designer needs an eps file… because

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I had the pleasure of attending the International Housewares Show at McCormick Place this week. I did the design work for one of the booths at the show and it was so much fun to see it finished! If you have never been to a trade show before, imagine a shopping mall so large that you can barely see from one end to the other. But instead of stores, it’s booths and vendors. And they all have a


With all the talk surrounding the dress, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to talk about why color can look much different on your computer monitor than how it ends up printing out. If you have ever been frustrated with your brochure or flyer looking like one thing on your screen, and then printing out differently, or the home photo printer get colors completely wrong, read on: First, a quick lesson on color. Your

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naperville jaycees mardi gras 2015 ad

    I had the pleasure of working with the Naperville Jaycees recently on the design and marketing for their Mardi Gras fundraiser event. This year, I decided to play up the glamour of their new location and went with a rich color scheme of purples and gold. To make the text seem dimensional like gold foil (but without the cost!) I used a gradient gold background for the lettering. I also created Facebook images to

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customized flash drive image

DVD drives are on their way out, look no further than the latest iMac to see that. How then, do you transfer gigabytes of data to a client? Cloud storage might be able to handle it to an extent, and there are certainly services such as dropbox and google drive that work for smaller projects, but for huge files and less-than-speedy internet connections, it's not always the best solution. Flash drives are still one of

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business cards image

What makes a good business card? Is it the perfectly tuned color scheme? The sharp layout? The memorable font? What do designers think about when they are creating a business card anyway? Below is an example of a design I did for a local lawyer in Naperville. Some of the items that I consider when I’m creating a new business card include: Name The main point of a business card is to get across who

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Photoshop has turned into a dirty word in the modeling world with designers handing out tummy tucks neck slimming treatments like plastic surgeons. However. I look at the program as a way to enhance someone, not change who they are. In this example, I’ll show you how I lighten a model’s eyes to make them pop a bit more. We start with a completely un-retouched image: Select the Quick Selection Tool (keyboard shortcut W) and

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